Up close shot of Teton peaks
Our Story

Tammah: We

At Tammah, you’re bound to come together over the richness of surrounding nature by morning, the boundless adventures during midday, and the warm communal fire by night. Not to mention the plush king beds, too.

Our unique outdoor accommodations immerse you in nature without compromising the comforts that make this experience an absolute delight. Enjoy temperature-controlled geodesic domes, panoramic views of the Teton Mountains, a full bathroom, a king-size bed, and a mini-kitchenette.

We believe that nature heals, and we welcome you to experience the beauty of Jackson Hole from the comfort and serenity of our private geodesic domes. The meaning of this Ute word is our purpose for existing. We aspire to help you forge lasting memories with the outdoors, and with self – all among good company.

Tammah geodesic domes in front of Teton mountains

Our Team

Jon Hooke CEO of Tammah


CEO, Tammah

After working in various strategic and operational roles for companies ranging from an early-stage startup to Microsoft, Jon was thrilled to join the growing, passionate team of hospitality professionals at Tammah. He previously spent 6 years as an outdoor adventure guide in Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska and continues to explore the mountains and the water via bike, raft or surfboard. Jon holds a Business Management degree from Brigham Young University - Hawaii, where he competed as a NCAA DII Cross Country runner. Outside of work, Jon can often be found traveling to exciting places near and far with his wife.

Logan Edgeman General Manager of Tammah


General Manager, Tammah Jackson Hole

Logan holds a degree in Outdoor Leadership from Young Harris College and has spent the last decade leading outdoor programs and managing operations that connect people to nature. From leading outdoor programs in Georgia, managing adventure rentals in Colorado, and coordinating wildlife tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Logan holds a background dedicated to supporting guests who seek to get outside and experience the natural world around them. While offsite, Logan can be found skiing, biking, fly fishing, and exploring the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem at all times of the year.

Jon Hooke CEO of Tammah


Tammah Jackson Hole Team Member

Christopher is a first-generation Hmong American outdoor educator. His ultimate goal is to remake the spaces he walks into a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive space for marginalized communities and BIPOC. He studied at Mount Olive College which is now formally known as the University of Mount Olive and earned his undergraduate degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies. Through TAMMAH Jackson Hole, Chris hopes to cultivate ideas, create platforms, and make appropriate changes to benefit everyone in the outdoor and hospitality spaces. He loves the inspiring atmosphere and vulnerability of the rivers and mountains. His favorite thing to do is being able to work in wild places and be put in a position to mentor, play, and share his love for the natural world with those he encounters.

Logan Edgeman General Manager of Tammah


Tammah Jackson Hole Team Member

Erin grew up on the New Jersey shore and has spent most of her career in the brewing industry. After graduating from college in Wilmington, North Carolina, her love of beer and the cross country road trips took her west to the Rockies of Colorado where she quickly took to camping and backpacking. Four years later, headed back east to fulfill her dream of hiking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. Along those 2194.3 miles she realized she wanted to switch to a career in the outdoor industry. And once again headed west for the Rockies, just a little further north. Erin loves the idea of working for a glamping company because it gives people of all skill and comfort levels a way to get outside and be close to nature. She holds a strong belief that everyone belongs outside and should practice LNT principles. On her time off she will be walking in the woods, or volunteering with Jackson Hole Pride.

Summer view outside of geodesic dome
View of Teton Mountains from sauna
Summer day on deck of geodesic dome in front of stream and Teton Mountains
Single geodesic dome in winter
Tammah geodesic domes in front of Teton mountains